Home Politics APC Harbours ‘Bigger Thieves’ In Nigeria – Lamido

APC Harbours ‘Bigger Thieves’ In Nigeria – Lamido

Sule Lamido

Former governor of Jigawa state, Sule Lamido, has described the All Progressive Congress (APC) as “bigger thieves”, as Nigerians were lied to in 2015. 

Dismissing the ongoing anti-corruption fight, Lamido described the war against graft as selective.

Lamido said, “If there’s anybody who reaped most from PDP’s evil, it is the APC and they know what they campaigned on were pure lies. They know it.

“Their government is a creation of evil and shame, because it was fertilized by the PDP. The APC government is our daughter because the PDP made them. Minus the PDP, there would be no APC.

“If you are with the APC, Buhari will clean you and that’s why all people from the PDP who went to the APC are very clean now.

“When they say we’re thieves, it is the smaller thieves that remained in the PDP, the bigger thieves are in the APC.

“If they cannot lead, they should quit and we take over.”