Home Entertainment Check Out Rihanna’s Stunning Reaction To A Racist Tweet About Her Color

Check Out Rihanna’s Stunning Reaction To A Racist Tweet About Her Color


From my point of view, this is quite big a lesson for all self hating Africans or even Africans in black skin. There is no big deal in it. We respect ourselves no matter the skin color, then no man dares treat us badly.

Rihanna and her fans have responded to a ‘racist’ tweet online – after a follower told her she would look better “if she was white”.

According to OK!, a follower decided to Photoshop four of Rihanna‘s pictures to whiten her skin. The person in question posted four heavily edited pictures online, showing the songstress with a much lighter skin tone.


Alongside, the follower in question wrote, Rihanna would look so much more beautiful if she was white,” with a heart-eyed emoji. And fans were horrified by the post, with one writing: “That is the most disgusting edit I’ve ever seen,” while a second said the comment was “racist”.


The Man Down singer, 29, hit back at a follower who decided to Photoshop four of her pictures to whiten her skin.  Rihanna swiftly blocked the follower from appearing on her timeline.


The action didn’t go unnoticed by the fan, who wrote: Rihanna blocked me why did she even do it?”

That is more like it. Rihanna just nailed it and that is a big lesson for self hating black Africans or Africans generally

That’s really funny how white people stay assured that everyone must envy their skin color when Black stars like Rihanna just enjoy their gorgeous Blackness.