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‘Hate Speech Started from Buhari’- Ohaneze Fires Back


The pan-Igbo group, Ohaneze Ndigbo, has replied president Buhari’s independence day speech in which he blamed leaders of the Eastern region for not keeping their ‘hot-headed’ youths in check.

“I am very disappointed that responsible leaders of these communities do not warn their hot-headed youths what the country went through,” President Buhari had said.

But Ohaneze didn’t find the president’s admonishments funny. Responding through its National Publicity Secretary, Prince Uche Achi Okpaga, the group advised the president and his administration to take responsibility for the current situation of things instead of blaming their inadequacies on others.

“The issue is that the Buhari administration has always found one excuse or the other for the challenges facing the country. They have never taken responsibility before (because) they were not prepared to rule Nigeria,” Ohaneze said.

Vanguard reports that the group went on to accuse the president of starting hate speech in the first place, a hate which has made him relegate the Eastern region to the background.

“Hate speech started from Buhari and he has continued to implement policies against the existence of Ndigbo. The agitations did not come from oblivion; it is part of his policies which I describe as sentimental and lopsided. These policies had over time fuelled agitations and so, he should not blame Igbo leaders but his administration.

“We blame the agitation on his administration and not Igbo leaders.”

President Buhari’s Independence Day speech has been largely described as uninspirational and lacking in depth. In some quarters, it is seen as a repetition of old tales in a new way.