Home Politics PDP Owns Buhari’s APC Government – Lamido

PDP Owns Buhari’s APC Government – Lamido

Sule Lamido

The former ​governor of ​Jigawa State governor, Sule Lamido, ​has revealed that the APC government led by President Muhammadu Buhari is owned by his party, the PDP.

The PDP presidential aspirant, who recently declared his intention, stated this in a chat with ​Premium Times.

Noting that APC cannot keep Nigeria united​, Lamido said “I am not being critical, but if you analysed what is going on today, compared to three years ago, you can see the concern in Nigeria.”​

Commenting on moves by some APC members to return to the PDP, Lamido said: “At the time they left the party, there were indeed some worries within the party. That kind of worries and concern were raised by the seven governors who formed the nucleus of, not opposition really, but maybe raising the alarm that there is problem in PDP.

“In so doing, we went and toured the whole country if you can remember. We told all our political leaders like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Alex Ekweme, TY Danjuma, Shehu Shagari, Babangida and many others. We told them look, what we are facing in PDP may likely endanger Nigeria’s stability and security in future. It is beyond PDP.

​”​The party must meet at least quarterly under the constitution of the party. But the party did not meet for the whole year under Bamanga Tukur. So if the party did not do things right, there will be a problem, the government will lose.​ ​Somehow, others left in the process. We lost five governors, some parliamentarians, some key members of our party joined other parties.

​”​Now, having gone where they went, have they got comfort? Have they been consoled? Have they been rescued from what they were running away from? Let them come back. They are most welcome. They are coming back to their own party which they left. PDP is their home. But APC is a house which is rented for anybody who wants to be there for a while.

​”​Look at the kind of indignation and insults they are going through. Everyday Lai (Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammed) will abuse them, saying PDP is a party of thugs, a party of thieves, party of this, party of that, but they sit down with them. Lai will say they are shameless, but they are there watching.

​”​Whatever they will say against PDP, the APC government is a PDP government. It is our own.​”​