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PSquare Beef: Paul Shades Peter, Lays Sole Claim to ‘Bank Alert’


Fans of popular music duo PSquare are beginning to give up hope of a possible reunion due to the constant shade on each other by the two brothers that’s dominated the internet over the past month.

Having traded punches (some pretty heavy ones) that led to the eventual dissolution of Africa’s favourite music group, Paul Okoye fired the latest salvo at his sibling that may prove to be the final nail group’s coffin.

Days after taking to Twitter to brutally drag Peter’s US gigs as ‘beer parlour appearances’, the dread-locked singer has returned to social media to lay another hit in his brother.

And on Tuesday morning, Paul, who goes by the moniker Rudeboy, returned with the verbal jousts by claiming that 2016 hit song, ‘Bank Alert’ was solely his. You can imagine Peter scowling at the moment.

According to him, he made a mistake allowing Peter, aka Mr P, to appear on the smash hit single that featured a number of Nollywood stars, saying he’s now wiser and won’t be making the same mistake again.

His tweet has attracted lots of reactions, with many fans sharing in the popular notion that the pair are indispensable to one another, and are better off together.

Here are some of the reactions to his tweet.

But Paul’s next tweet suggests the duo may have gone beyond the pint of no return.

“ Lol been doing it alone..y’all were only deceived by videos and pics” he replied to one of the comments.

Peter is yet to react to all of this, maybe due to his busy schedule.