Home News Banditry: Nigeria May Face Security Situation Worse Than Boko Haram – Gumi

Banditry: Nigeria May Face Security Situation Worse Than Boko Haram – Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi

Controversial Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi has predicted that Nigeria would face a more dangerous security situation if proactive measures are not taken to curtail the ethnic crisis in the country.

Gumi, who has been advocating amnesty for the bandits terrorizing parts of the North, said activities of the criminal elements and how it is been handled by the security agencies may lead to religious terrorism.

In a recent video posted on his official Facebook page, the Islamic cleric alleged that a former Deputy Governor of Zamfara State told him how some bandits were granted amnesty and brought into their government.

He said, “As we speak now, bandits believed to be herdsmen have kidnapped about 66 Christian worshipers and they came out with the clip, unlike before.

“Religious terrorism is truly setting in. February this year when I went to meet some of these bandits, they were humble and had no inclination of terrorism.

“In fact, the Deputy Governor of Zamfara State, the former one, told me that in the years when he was in power, some herdsmen caught with Boko Haram members who were trying to infiltrate their territory were caught and brought into the government.

“We are struggling with ethnicity, it has nothing to do with religion so if care is not taken, we will be facing a more dangerous situation more than even Boko Haram”.


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