Home Celebrity Gossip “I love d**k too much”- Huddah Monroe tells lesbian women

“I love d**k too much”- Huddah Monroe tells lesbian women

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Huddah Monroe

Kenyan Socialite, Huddah Monroe is fed-up of the lesbians who traffics her DM en masse for a same sex relationship. 

The ex-BBA star revealed this via her Insta-story, and also her response to men who ask her when last she had sex. See it below:

Huddah Monroe tells lesbian women

Huddah Monroe tells lesbian women

Meanwhile, Huddah Monroe has sold off her cars — like, she practically has no car to her name — and the socialite has a funny way of explaining this development.

Writing on her Instagram Story, the former BBA housemate said she sold off the signature Range Rover, plus a second car, all because she thinks she is all grown up and can do without those luxuries.

Huddah Monroe and Her Pink Range Rover.

“When I didn’t have a car it was my biggest priority. Now, it’s an option because I can afford it whenever, without thinking twice,” she began the rant, adding, “But it is not a priority anymore. How incredible life can be.”

She continued, “It’s amazing how things that used to matter don’t matter anymore. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you don’t like.”

This update comes as a surprise to many people, especially because, weeks ago, Huddah was bragging about flying to London, giving herself a treat and buying a VIP ticket to watch a Chelsea match. And that came after she flew to Beverly Hills to fix her breasts following complications with the plastic surgery.

Suddenly, the socialite who has a history of faking luxuries and about bragging things she owns, has sold her cars, and her explanation has everyone asking this question: “is she broke”?