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Joe Igbokwe Mocks IPOB, Reveals How The Group Destroyed South East

Joe Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe, a special adviser to the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu accused the group of sinking the South-East due to its actions.

Igbokwe has listed what he believes are the sins of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The special adviser to the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu accused the group of sinking the South-East due to its actions.

The All Progressives Congress chieftain in a post on his Facebook account further stated that IPOB is praised by residents of the region whenever they carry out an attack.

Igbokwe accused the outlawed group of extorting money from marketers and residents so as not to attack their businesses and also stay away from trouble.

He added that IPOB has put the economy of the region in danger as businesses and industries have lost trillions of Naira.

Igbokwe accused Governors of the Peoples Democratic Party of supporting the agitation, while praising the Governors of the All Progressives Congress for condemning the attacks.

The APC chieftain wrote, “1. Commissioner of Police Anambra State told me that when IPOB was attacking the Police Area Command in Nnewi and our people were clapping for them and shouting “Ride-on boys, well-done boys”. A senior police officer was killed in the process and vehicles, buildings were destroyed.

“2. Almost all the markets and businesses in the South East now pay IPOB & ESN hoodlums huge sums of money out of fear to survive their daily intimidation, abuse and extortion.

“3. A friend of mine from Anambra State who lives in Lagos told how the bandits and criminals destroyed all the Street lights on the road leading to his compound because they felt the man is using it to monitor them.

“4. From my little investigations I discovered that idle hands in the South East, men and women including owners of failed businesses are now neck-deep into IPOB and ESN fraudulent activities in the South East. Jobless men and women outside Igboland are now relocating to SE to join the new lucrative business of blackmail, killings, extortions, intimidation etc. They have found a new job in town and it is thriving like mad.

“5. IPOB and ESN have promised the innocent souls they are recruiting that they will make local government chairmen, commissioners, Ministers, lawmakers, etc in their phantom and non-existing Republic.

“6. IPOB and ESN get a lot of financial and material support from Igbo living abroad and Igbo in Nigeria. Those in Nigeria pay out of fear to secure their security and that of their family members.

“7. Only APC governors are doing something to curtail IPOB and ESN excesses in the SE and it looks as if PDP Governors in the South East are giving quiet and tactical support and encouragement to the proscribed dangerous organization.

“8 IPOB and ESN bandits have in no uncertain terms put to danger the economy of SE. The zone known for Commerce and industry is being decimated and rendered nugatory under our very eyes. All things considered, the enterprising Zone has lost trillions of Naira in the madness.

“9. Some security personnel from the zone serving in the South East can no longer be trusted given the information reaching us. They are giving tactical support to the bandits. A kind of agbada keeps business.

“10. As a critical stakeholder in Igboland and Nigeria, given my experiences as a publicist, writer and influencer I fear that there is an elites conspiracy in the worsening security lapses in the SE. When German war machines crumbled in 1945 German intellectuals and intelligentsia began to ask questions why nobody challenged the excesses of Adolf Hitler until he led Germany to complete annihilation and crushing defeat.

“11. I have noticed that the majority of Elders in the South East are yet to come to terms with the crushing and debilitating defeat their party PDP suffered in 2015 which has triggered hate, bigotry, and subversive activities in the zone.

“12. In a video I watched the leader of IPOB and ESN, Nnamdi Kanu says he is a powerful man who decides who must die and who must live in the SE. Our Elders heard him and said nothing. I noticed also how these Elders were falling over themselves to take pictures with the new King in town, Nnamdi Kanu and before you know the guy grew wings and became the ‘Numero Uno’ in the South East.

“13 Now, these Elders who helped to carry NK on top of MOUNT EVEREST must find a way to bring NK down without further damage.

“14. Elders cannot be at home and allow a she-goat to deliver while in the tether. Children cannot teach the old tradition. The Holy Book says Woe betide a nation whose king is a baby. When Elders are not at home Children may wear snakes as necklaces.

“15. Three days ago 4 Policemen were killed by IPOB &ESN tin Nach- Oji River Corridor. The Policemen were all indigenes of Enugu State. with 2 from Udi, 1 from Nsukka and 1 from Ezeagu.

“16 When a writer is silent, he or she is lying.”


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