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“My Daughter Would Make A Better President Than Trump” – Kim Kardashian West


Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West disapproves of Trump’s presidency by stating that her 4-year-old daughter would be better than Trump at the White House.

In an exclusive interview for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Magazine, she gave her opinion on who should be at the White House. She said:

 “Anyone could manage the United States better except the current President. My daughter would be better. We have worked so hard to get where we are and seeing all of these things that we were so proud of as our country going back is frustrating. Every day, something hard to believe, something crazy and tragic is going on .”

“It’s really scary the world in which we live now. Before, we felt safe at home but with Trump at the presidency, it’s hard to feel safe.”

This is not the first time the star has attacked the US President. Last January, she posted a message on Twitter to denounce the president’s new immigration policy, which prohibited the entry of US nationals to seven Muslim majority countries.

Her husband does not seem to share the same opinion as his wife. He said at a concert in California last November that he would have voted for Trump if he had made the effort to go to the polls.

Since his election on January 20, Barack Obama’s successor has been the object of criticism and controversy. With a coast of popularity also falling it will not be surprising that Trump resigns before the end of his term.