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Nigerians React As Annie Idibia, 2face Family Fight Dirty

Tuface and Annie Idibia

Nigerians took to social media to react to the clash between Annie Idibia and Innocent Idibia, AKA 2face family.

Social media was on Friday aflame with excitement after Annie slammed 2face for sleeping under the same roof with his children’s mother, Pero Adeniyi, when he visited them.

The actress had said 2face’s baby mamas constantly use his children as an excuse for all sorts of rubbish.

Annie also accused Tuface of using his family to bring public disgrace to her despite her resilience to stand by him all these years.

Reacting, Nigerians were of the opinion that Annie should not have brought her family issues to social media because it is not the court of law.

Here are some comments we gathered:

@FS_Yusuf_, ”I hope Annie knows that we cannot solve her marital issues with 2baba? All of us for social media get problem too. She doesn’t owe us an explanation about her marital issues. Bring it to Social Media would only exacerbate the fire. Except they have a new Album or Movie to promote.”

@timiPR, ”What do people think will happen when they call out their partners on social media? Like they still don’t know it will only compound the problem? Annie knew 2baba was Father Abraham and a celeb before agreeing to marry him. Why the sudden drama? Omoh God go dey with them o.”

one_dosh, ”Sometimes you don’t need to make things publicly (online), before social media where did our parents settle their disputes? Annie can talk through to 2baba without calling him online, she just want to get that man dragged with damage to his mental health. I feel for 2face btw.”

@IamTheIroko, ”2baba and Annie’s issue is not about social media, it’s about the number of baby Mama’s. You can’t have all those Baba mama’s and have peace in your marriage. It’s impossible, let’s understand this truth.”

@ifeanyitech, ”The Baby Mama model has never been a success no matter how hard celebs try to sell it. It is a failed experiment and a social anomaly. Any woman who deliberately becomes a baby mama or marries a man with one undermines her peace and exclusivity. 2baba and Annie is an instance.”

@SirDavidBent, ”You have a marital issue that is bugging you, and the next thing you do, is to enter Social Media and post it. You didn’t contact 2baba’s family members to mediate over the issue. But came to social media to call out your husband. To what end exactly? To garner sympathy?”

@UNCLE_AJALA, ”Annie Idibia is calling 2baba out, 2Face’s brother (Charly) is also dragging Annie. What they’re revealing in public are unnecessary, now Charly is saying Annie’s mom stays in one room & all, but I’m not in a position to tell people what to keep private or public, they’ll be fine.”

@bissiriyu, ”Annie dey report 2baba matter to social media users where as everybody get their own marital problems wet dem keep for their house. Babe should just calm down and deal with their matter without involving the public. Their union wey people dey admire, she don cast everything.”

@potter_lite, ”I don’t really blame Annie for coming on SM to air her grievances. Every indication shows 2baba’s family & his management are not seeing anything wrong in what he’s doing. Obviously, it’s been like this for years & she’s been trying hard not 2 spit it out. I feel for her .”

@i_am_amala, ”It’s just what it is. Directing the anger somewhere else. This shouldn’t be a big problem to solve if they still love themselves and want to be together. 2baba hasn’t been the best of partner with his plenty scandals so it’s okay for Annie to say she’s done tolerating.”


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