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Outcry In Kaduna Over Suspension Of Firewood, Charcoal For Cooking


Kaduna residents have reacted to the suspension of felling of trees for timber, firewood, charcoal.

They said already, the price of gas for cooking has risen beyond every household’s pocket, while the only alternative; firewood and charcoal meant for the low income earners, and unemployed members of the society were suspended by the state government.

Recall that the state government on September 24, 2021, announced the suspension of felling of trees for timber, firewood, charcoal for commercial purposes across seven Local Governments; Birnin Gwari, Igabi, Chikun, Giwa, Kachia, Kauru, Kajuru.

Since the suspension, prices of gas and kerosene used for cooking have increased. Consequently, many residents in the state prefer buying bread and in most cases, others go to nearby restaurants to satisfy themselves.

According to residents in Kajuru, Mararaba, Igabi and Birnin Gwari Local Governments area of the state, it was a difficult time for them in the state.

In Kajuru, Mallam Mohammed Garba expressed displeasure over the suspension of felling of trees. He said, whichever reason, the government gave for its action, the lives of residents is above everything.

“What we are passing through in Kaduna today is becoming unbearable. This is a state where there are no jobs, even labourer work doesn’t exist. Kidnapping everyday. Even if you have a farm, you hardly go for fear of kidnappers. You go to market, prices keep increasing everyday. Many people cannot afford to buy foodstuff any longer. Even if you buy, no fire, no firewood, no charcoal. You can’t even ask of gas because it’s above middle level men in the state.”

In Igabi Local Government Area of the state on Friday, Hajia Bilkisu Umar who was not comfortable with the happening in the state, noted that, there must be a secret agenda for the suspension of felling of trees, no genuine reason for the suspension of felling apart from keeping people in perpetual hunger.

“The only motive for the long suspension of felling of trees is because, the government wants people to pass through serious hunger, poverty, and be subjected to slavery,” She said.

She further noted that, once one is hungry, he/she hardly have a say in the society. Whatever comes, whatever laws imposed, he/she accepts because his right has been taken away, using demonic laws, that dare him to hunger to deprive him of his right.

Alhaji Umar who said he has lived in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of the state for closed to 34 years, said whoever deprives someone of his legitimate means to survive in this present hardship, has a plan to eliminate him.

“Nobody is comfortable in the state as I am talking with you. Majority, (if not all) are finding it difficult to eat because the means is no longer there. If you are fortunate, and a friend gives you rice or beans, wood, charcoal is another obstacle because you have a government that wants to protect you from bandits. Since the suspension, has bandits stopped?,” he asked tearfully.


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