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Sarkodie Shades Manifest In New Freestyle

Sarkodie [howafrican video and image]

Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has thrown a jab at his arch rival in the industry probably in an attempt to resurrect the Sark-Manifest beef that happened last year.

As to who emerged the winner in that beef is still not clear but many are of the view that Sarkodie received a damaging upper cut when Manifest released his “godmc”.


Sarkodie Manifest

Sarkodie and Manifest

The new freestyle just released by Sarkodie is titled “State Of Mind” and King Sark rode on Jay Z’s “Smile” to brag about his dominance and achievements in the industry and also threw some jabs at Manifest and other rappers in the Ghana music industry.

Check Out Some Excerpts From The 1:25 minutes freestyle

“…Ghanafo?, obia call me the greatest,” “Sesei s? me k? tour a/I’m thinking when I’m coming back…Obi b3fa m’ahinky3 nso a, slack, goddammit!”

“My state of mind/M’maintaini me position for Lord knows/I be one of a kind/ E bi divine/M’swerve swerve the potholes in life/Still a we dey on the grind/E no be rap, e bi God/…Seisei m’abr?, me winni dodo/Chale e dey bore.”

“…3t) dabi a me tumi yi ahinky? no/Place it on the floor/Tu kwan ko hy3 Bahamas/M3 ba no still a on the floor/F**k it/I need some motivation/Mo amma me competition/Nea me ky3 no hype no still a w’anhu the bigger vision.” ( It’s obvious Manifest is the one being jabbed here. You remember the lyrics in Kanta right? The same lines)

Do you think he is really referring to Manifest or I am over reaching? Let’s know what you think. And should Manifest reply? Let’s talk