Home Politics Third Year Anniversary: APC Celebrating Failure – Ekiti PDP Blasts Fayemi

Third Year Anniversary: APC Celebrating Failure – Ekiti PDP Blasts Fayemi

Governor Kayode Fayemi

The Ekiti State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has described the three years of the Governor Kayode Fayemi administration as a disaster and colossal failure in the history of the state.

The opposition party made this remark as a reaction to the three-year anniversary of the All Progressive Congress (APC) government.

The Ekiti State PDP Publicity Secretary, Raphael Adeyanju, in a statement made available to journalists in Ado Ekiti on Monday described the three-year anniversary as a celebration of shamelessness on the part of the government.

“We watch with a bemused sadness as the ruling APC government gleefully engages in back-slapping and self-adulation after staying in government for three years without any meaningful program that benefited Ekiti people,” he said.

The PDP spokesman noted that it is shameful the state government invited the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, to commission the only project executed by the administration in three years, which is the Civic Centre in Ado Ekiti which started seven years ago.

“Regretfully, the Vice President and his entourage landed in Akure, a thirty-minute drive from Ado Ekiti and was picked with a chopper at the Akure local airport to Ado Ekiti, because of the terrible, deplorable and precarious condition of the Akure/Iju/Ikere road and other roads leading to the state have all collapsed.

“During the PDP administration of Governor Fayose, the roads were constantly maintained with Ekiti State money which was never refunded by the APC federal government. When the federal government wanted to make a refund, the APC as the opposition then, got a court judgment to stop the payment. The incumbent administration has not accounted for the whereabouts of the fund to date,” he said.

Accusing the APC government of turning the councils into looting centers, the opposition stated that since its inception three years ago, no project has been executed in any of the 16 local governments.

“This allegation is verifiable, let anybody go round the local government areas to tell us any project that has been executed anywhere. We equally challenge the federal government to mandate the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to investigate the activities of Ekiti State local government if it will not discover many cans of worms,” he added.

The opposition party also scores the present administration zero in the areas of security. It alleged that the government failed woefully to secure the lives and properties of the Ekiti State people.

The PDP also claimed that kidnapping and banditry which was strange under the past administrations have become the order in the State.

“It is unfortunate that Ekiti State is now under the yoke of an administration which lacked the capacity to secure the lives of the citizens. The Governor who is expected to be the chief security officer of the state had no time for the job, rather, he was busy going up and down to pursue an inordinate political ambition,” he said.

The PDP spokesman stated that his party will dislodge the ruling party in the next governorship election. He urged the electorates to vote the ruling party out of government, because of their failure to meet the people’s aspirations.

“Our people have never been this disappointed, by both the state and the federal and state government. The poverty level has reached an alarming stage. People now groan in pain, while the APC government has no clue on how to tackle the problem. It is a disgrace that instead of admitting failure this administration has continued in a game of deception,” Adeyanju said.


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