Three Vitamins For Memory And Focus


    The nutrients we eat provide us with the necessary energy and it can also help retain our memory. Here are the three most popular vitamins that are good for memory and focus.

    1.Vitamin E for Memory

    Vitamin E is involved in the treatment of heart disease, heart attacks, and all other heart problems. However it has been banned because it took too much focus away from surgery and prescription drugs. More than 100 studies show Vitamin E is essential for health.

    Vitamin for memory

    Vitamin E is a major treatment for Alzheimer and memory loss. It protects the neural linings surrounding the nerves. Basically protecting all the nerves. The right amount of vitamin E allows the nerves to survive stress.  Allowing you to retain information longer and better.The right amount of Vitamin E needed varies with a person’s health.

    2.Vitamin B12 For Energy

    Vitamin B12 is not really needed in large quantities, less than 3 micro-grams. We can normally get more than the required dosage by eating 6-8oz of animal flesh per day. This is only 2 eggs or one whole chicken breast. People who consume a lot of proteins do not need supplements.

    Vitamin B12 for produces new red blood cells. It’s also used for several blood functions .It helps with your metabolism. It has not been proven that vitamin B12 will give you a boost of sudden energy. Vitamins are not programmed to work like that.

    Taking B12 supplements for energy is a waste of time as it is flushed out of by the kidneys,It can damage the kidneys. If you are looking for the right amount of B12 in your diet, you can try organic and fresh meat.

    1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids for the Brain

    Omega-3 fatty acids increase brain size and protect the heart. Other functions include increasing memory and more energy production. Babies have the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet, and have the least concentration problems. There are various types of omega-3s, but the main ones are EPA and DHA.